Thursday Giveaway: Very Hungry Caterpillar Party Supplies!

March 17th, 2011 by Eliza Eliza

Happy Birthday to the Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Sunday, March 20th is Very Hungry Caterpillar Day and we feel like celebrating another great year with our favorite Eric Carle character! How better to celebrate 41 years of such a memorable and beloved book than throwing a party!

Today we are giving away a suite of Very Hungry Caterpillar-themed party supplies. These are some of our hottest sellers on our website and for this special day, we’re giving one lucky blog reader a complete set so they can throw their own Caterpillar party! They make the perfect decorations for birthday parties, baby showers or for any kind of party, really.

This giveaway includes 1 package each of:

Paper plates, cups, bowls, party hats, party horns, balloons, cupcake wrappers, big bowls, a tablecloth, invitations, thank you notes, pin badges, stickers, bubbles, favor bags, birthday banner and birthday garland! You can check our website here to see how many of each come in a package (usually about 6-8 per package).

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below before Friday, March 18th at 12:00 EST. After that we’ll close the comments and announce the lucky winner. Good luck and party on!

Comments now closed.

I’m a bit late announcing the winner because we are having such a busy and wonderful birthday weekend here at The Carle, but the winner of the party supply set is….Jana Putos! Congratulations, Jana. We’ll be in touch with you shortly about sending your prizes. Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes and we’ll be back in April for another giveaway!

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97 Responses to “Thursday Giveaway: Very Hungry Caterpillar Party Supplies!”

  1. Roseli Zimmerman says:

    We ADORE the VHC!!!! Who doesn’t??????????

    We have every edition of the book, the movie, the plush toy, the puppet, the blocks …. and I’m working on a VHC quilt!

    Another cool thing, she’s only 5 months older than me!


  2. Dawn E Foster says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    How cool – I’m working on an Eric Carle themed gift box for my twin grandsons’ third birthday next month! I have all the buggy board books, the Very Hungry Caterpillar DVD, the Very Buggy Sound Puzzle, and the Caterpillar and Grouchy Ladybug plush so far.

  3. Heidi says:

    Happy Birthday to the Very Hungry Caterpillar!
    Love, Ryan 11, Julia 8, Olivia 6 & Ethan 3

    We are big fans of Eric Carle & the museum, and of course the Very Hungry Caterpillar. We love to go to the museum in the summer, it is the only time we can go because we live in Florida. We hope to meet Eric Carle on one of our visits!

  4. Kris says:

    Awesome prize guys!!! And happy birthday to the very hungry and very special catterpillar xixo

  5. Paula Lindstrom says:

    Happy Birthday to the Very Hungry Caterpillar!!! My art students are going to be “The Very Busy Artists” next week as we begin painting very beautiful paper for our next project! Thank You Mr. Carle! May God Bless You!

  6. Tracey Salvatore says:

    Happy Birthday Very Hungry Caterpillar!

  7. Laura Clements says:

    Happy Birthday Very Hungry Caterpillar !

  8. Happy birthday! My kindergarten class will be celebrating on monday!

  9. I’m gearing up for lots more Eric Carle-related events this month, as I do every March! Someone I know has an April birthday coming up and we were planning an Eric Carle Caterpillar theme as we’ll be planting in the garden…how great these party supplies would be to have! Happy Birthday Very Hungry Caterpillar

  10. Cindy says:

    Happy Birthday Very Hungry Caterpillar!
    Just gave a book and Caterpillar as a baby gift.

  11. Renee Hacker says:

    Happy Birthday Very Hungry Caterpillar! My daughter is turning 2 on April 30th and we’re planning a Hungry Caterpillar party for her. She absolutely loves the book (and all Eric Carle books) and sleeps with her plush VHC!

  12. I love that caterpillar! I would love to have a party with the caterpillar.

  13. Deanna Ruscio says:

    Happy Birthday!! Yeah!! We Love the Very Hungry Caterpillar!!

  14. Maralyn Pypa says:

    Happy Birthday! If I’m the lucky winner, my special education teacher daughter will be able to give her kids an awesome party!

  15. TSmith says:

    Our entire elementary school has celebrated several of Eric Carle books. This year the art teacher had the kids do several projects in “Carle style” The librarian has read many of the books to students and bulletin boards throughout the school are of the Very Hungry Caterpillar and the other titles available.
    Kindergarten would love to have a VHC party with all the trimmings!
    Happy Birthday Hungry Caterpillar!!

  16. Loretta Morales says:

    What a coincidence we have the same birthday! Happy Birthday to Us!

  17. Maureen says:

    I would love to win this for my son’s bday!

  18. Donna says:

    My grandson’s birthday was in late December. The house decorated in everything A Very Hungry Caterpillar. He received many gifts but did not want to play with any of them until he opened VHC Jack in Box. He stopped openning the rest of his presents and played with the box only and would not let anyone else play with it especially his younger sister. He has EVERYTHING A VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR and has two of most things one for the house and one for the car.
    Thanks for very enjoyable reading. Happy Birthday Hungry Caterpillar.

  19. Joan Salmi says:

    As an adult, I collect Eric Carle books & VHC merchandise. It’s my favorite book of all time. I even did my daughter’s nursery in the “Very” books theme. At 14 years old, we just re-did her room. Sad to see it go.

  20. Regina says:

    Happy Birthday, little caterpillar!
    After your Birthday party feast,
    will you STILL be very hungry?

  21. Heather says:

    I absolutely love this book and I am already sharing the love of reading and my favorite caterpillar with my 10 month old son. We are planning a Very Hungry Caterpillar themed Birthday Party!

  22. Leyna says:

    This would be awesome! My 3 soon to be four year old picked the hungry caterpillar as the theme for her birthday. She would LOVE these :D

  23. Michelle Turecek says:

    Happy Birthday Very Hungry Caterpillar!!!

  24. Andrea says:

    Happy Birthday! What a fun prize. These would be a great start for a Very Hungry Caterpillar party at the library!

  25. Carrie Young says:

    Happy Birthday Very Hungry Caterpillar! We celebrated my daughter’s first birthday with the VHC theme last August. It was adorable and my now 19 month-old daughter points it out wherever she sees it,”ca-pilla!”

  26. Chance Lee says:

    Happy Birthday to my Very Favorite Children’s book. I read this book so many times as a kid, and loved the little die-cut holes through all the fruits. I still have the tiny copy I had when I was a wee one.

  27. Lara says:

    From Pennsylvania, I love and miss the Eric Carle Museum and all its’ fun events. I gave my stuffed caterpillar and VHC book to a friend who needed a present for her grandaughter, but will replace it soon! What fun to have all the fixins’ for a Very Hungry Caterpillar party ! I would create a caterpillar cake, and maybe a butterfly one too! Happy Birthday, dear caterpillar! xxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxooo :-)

  28. Diane Miesner says:

    Happy Birthday Very Hungry Caterpillar! I love all things Eric Carle!

  29. Mary Ellen Maffey says:

    Our first grand child will be 9 months on March 18. She loves to sit with us while we read the Very Hungry Caterpillar book and play with her Very Hungry Caterpillar stuffed animal.
    We are members of the Mazza museum and hope to one day visit the Eric Carle museum, hopefully with her and future grand children.
    Thank you for your efforts in providing quality educational materials.

  30. Emily D says:

    We celebrated our son’s 3rd birthday with a Hungry Caterpillar theme. Now as we prepare for his younger brothers birthday, my son think it is very appropriate to have ANOTHER hungry caterpillar birthday. We have a family of caterpillar stuffed animals (totaling 3) in our home to help us celebrate. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You have given us much joy, and opportunities to learn our numbers and foods.

  31. Rebeca bencomo says:

    Happy birthday to the very hungry caterpillar! We love him bunches….our son will turn 1 in July and what do you guess his theme party will be? You are right the very hungry caterpillar!!! We can’t wait… Thank you for this very special friend!

  32. kathryn santistevan says:

    My 11 month old loves the very hungry caterpillar. Although he’s just a little guy, it’s his favorite book, hands down! We can spend a good hour turning through the pages and sticking our pointer finger through the holes. As he gets older, I’m convinced he will learn his colors, numbers, days of the week and nutrition(not to mention the life of a caterpillar/butterfly) from this book. I’m so glad this book is a part of our book collection! In fact, next month our little caterpillar, Will, will celebrate his first birthday! I bet you can guess what the theme will be. :) We’re excited!!
    Happy Birthday to both caterpillars!!

  33. Elizabeth Crespo says:

    Happy Birthday to The Very Hungry Caterpillar!!! I just celebrated my daughers 1st birthday with a VHC themed party. She absolutely loved everything. Thank you for making these party supplies readily available for purchase. I even went so far as making a 4ft cake of The VHC, as well as a 4ft pinata. I’d love to send you guys pictures.

  34. Isabelle Marty says:

    France calling! As a Primary Languages adviser I can tell you that the Very Hungry Caterpillar is very popular among teachers here. So on behalf of all the pupils and the teachers let me say Thank you for this wonderful book and Happy Birthday to the caterpillar. Joyeux anniversaire, petite chenille!

  35. Marion says:

    I have been working on my collection of The Very Hungry Caterpillar board books in different languages from around the world. We are such fans of this very hungry little caterpillar that we have based our entire preschool theme around him. We have garland and book-ends from Germany, a mini musical box from Japan, all of the skin-care products, all ‘stuffie’ sizes of the caterpillar, puppets, and big books.

    We cannot wait to have our graduation celebration with The Very Hungry Caterpillar decorations as our little graduates get ready to fly!

  36. Hilarie says:

    My son loves these books, and we had a wonderful 1st birthday party with all of our Hungry Caterpillar party supplies!!

  37. bryony says:

    Love the Very Hungry Caterpillar..We saw the play last month and I made my daughter a shirt for his birthday!!!

  38. Nora Heffernan says:

    Happy Birthday – this is our favourite book. We are planning a half birthday party :)

  39. Jaime Newland says:

    Happy Birthday! Our son Mason is 8mths old and already a picky eater. So we have decided to plan his 1st birthday around the Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. We are so excited to have the party supplies available on-line! We know the party will be a hit!

  40. Kathy Maxfield says:

    Happy Birthday to the Very Hungry Caterpillar! Our nursery is decorated in the Very Hungry Caterpillar theme and we used the Eric Carle cards from Kodak to announce our daughters birth! It is one of my favorite books. We are planning a VHC themed party for my daughter’s first birthday in May.

    I live in VA so we sadly can’t visit the museum, but it’s on our list of places to visit SOMEDAY!

  41. Joanna says:

    Love the party supplies. They are so much more exciting than what is out there now. Thanks!

  42. Porsche says:

    Happy Birthday to the Very Hungry Caterpillar! We will be coming to celebrate with you on Sunday! My little hungry caterpillar is turning 1 in two weeks and we are throwing him his very own Hungry Caterpillar Bash!

  43. Christine Pierce says:

    We love the Very Hungry Caterpillar. My twin girls that are 13 months old have that in their nursery. It’s our favorite book! When I taught English in Japan that was my Japanese student’s favorite story! We had them recite the book in front of their parents at our Christmas party. They were so proud to speak English and read the story aloud to the audience! Each student had their own line and we acted out the story like a play. It was so much fun!

    Happy Birthday to The Very Hungry Caterpillar!!!

  44. rebecca goins says:

    Happy Birthday to the Very Hungry Caterpillar! thank you to Eric Carle for his imagination and creations! We love VHC so very much!!!

  45. Jamie Linville says:

    We love Eric Carle and this website. I was able to do my son’s room in VHC theme thanks to the fabric on this site. Now, for his first birthday (4/9), we’d love the party kit. :)

  46. Susan Cormier says:

    So it it the caterpillar’s birthday, or the butterfly’s? Many happy returns to each and both!

  47. Ana Tran says:

    Good Morning,
    Happy Birthday to The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I have been reading this story to my baby since she was in the womb and would love to celebrate her 1st Birthday with a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme party.
    Thank You,

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