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Workshop for Advanced Illustrators

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

In college I studied illustration and graduated thinking I would write and illustrate picture books and then eventually steer a course toward education.  So far, it’s turned out that I took a big dive into education and then figured out how to swim.  Maybe someday I’ll circle back around to making books, in the meantime I  get to figure out how to use great picture book art in teaching.  Someday if I step back into the  book-making world I’m going to need a refresher. And this leads me to the ultimate purpose of this share…

Highlights Foundation's Advanced Illustrators Workshop at The Barn

Remember when I told you about some educators’ workshops I did for the Highlights Foundation at their fantastic barn back in May? This coming Labor Day weekend  they’re hosting an Advanced Illustrators Workshop featuring amazing faculty:  Eric Rohmann, Floyd Cooper, Kelly Ann Murphy, and Ruth Sanderson with other special guests.

Highlights Foundation's Advanced Illustrators Workshop at The Barn

I’m secretly wishing I could go – my experience at The Barn was so amazing,  I know that I would leave both refreshed and fired up with new skills and ideas.

Highlights Foundation's Advanced Illustrators Workshop at The Barn

If you’ve heard about this workshop and are on the fence about signing up, get off! Do it!

If you’re friends with a children’s illustrator, encourage them to investigate! Send them this link!

Highlights Foundation's Advanced Illustrators Workshop at The Barn

See more pictures from the Advanced Illustrators workshop here.

Professional Development at The Barn

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

The Barn at Boyds Mills

Last month our Curator of Education, Rosemary, and I,  taught a weekend of  professional development workshops in Pennsylvania at a weekend hosted by the Highlights Foundation. Usually the hosts of workshops for children’s writers and illustrators, Learning Through Picture Book Art: A Workshop for Teachers, was the Foundation’s first weekend for educators, so we were honored to be in the collaboration.

Highlights Foundation - Ferns

The weekend was held at The Barn, the Foundation’s meeting facility and guest cabins in Boyds Mills, PA.  Teachers, guest presenters, and instructors alike were treated to warm hospitality, comfy accommodations in a beautiful setting,  and delicious food for our stomachs and our minds.

The Carle at The Barn

Rosemary lead two workshops – The Visual Thinking Strategies and The Whole Book Approach.

Meghan leads bookmaking workshop

I followed up with Making Art with Young Children and Bookmaking and Beyond.

Bookmaking Workshop

Guest speakers included Children’s Book Librarian Anita  Ditz, Author Illustrator Pat Cummings, and Author/Illustrator/Educator Neil Waldman.

Bookmaking at The Barn

A lot was covered in just two days and two nights, but one thing we didn’t get to do was discuss some of the reflections I asked the teachers to make on their work with their students, so stay tuned for that discussion to take place here in future posts. Also stay tuned to find out when the next teachers’ workshop at The Barn will be!