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The Eric Carle Museum
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Picture Book Puzzler: Brothers and Sisters

Often a child's world is made up of the people of their immediate surroundings and so siblings play a prominent role in many children's books. Who better to go on an adventure with than your brothers or sisters? Below are lists of siblings from popular middle grade books. Can you name each book based on the names of these brothers and sisters? Put your guesses in the comments below and I'll be back at the end of the week with the answers: 1. Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy 2. Jane, Mark, Katharine and Martha 3. Violet, Klaus and Sunny 4. Tommy and Annika READ MORE

Picture Book Puzzler: Oh, The Places You'll Go

Reading takes us to so many exciting new places and with each re-reading, it's like visiting a favorite vacation spot! Today's puzzler is the setting for five different middle-grade books. Can you name each book by its well-known setting? Put your guesses in the comments below and let's see how you do! 1. Camp Green Lake 2. Villa Villekulla 3. Misselthwaite Manor 4. Sunset Towers 5. Klickitat Street READ MORE

Picture Book Puzzler: Roald Dahl

Tomorrow, September 13th is Roald Dahl's birthday and to celebrate, today's puzzler is quotes from his books. Can you name the book based on the quote? Put your guesses in the comments and I'll be back on Friday with the answers. 1. Panic and pandemonium broke out immediately on top of the peach. 2. It was at times like these that Mr. Hoppy wishes more than ever  that he could change places with Alfie and become a tortoise. READ MORE

Picture Book Puzzler: How well do you know your characters?

For today's Picture Book Puzzler, I'm actually going to be drawing from well known books for middle grade readers. I'll name the character, you tell me the book they come from. Easy? Let's find out! Put your guesses in the comments below and I'll be back on Friday with the answers. 1. India Opal Buloni 2. Prince Humperdinck 3. Fern Arable 5. Sarah Wheaton 6. Jess Aarons 9. Wanda Petronski 10. Winnie Foster 11. Count Olaf 12. Serafina Pekkala 13. Charlie Bucket 14. Stanley Yelnats 15. Kate Weatherall READ MORE

Pack This Book! Chapter Books for Summer Vacation

I'm definitely one of the types who packs more books than days I'm going to be on vacation, regardless of whether or not it will actually be feasible to read them all. I think to myself, I never know what I'm going to be in the mood to read at any given moment and just how quickly I might get through each book. It's better to be prepared. Picking out those vacation reads for yourself and your kids is one of the most important steps of packing. READ MORE

Picture Book Puzzler: What's in a name?

What's in a name? Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Would we still feel the same way about favorite characters like Winnie-the-Pooh and Corduroy if they different names? To me, a memorable character changes that name forever. So, let's test your children's book knowledge and see if you can name the book each of these famous characters belong to. Put your guesses in the comments below and, like always, check back on Friday for the answers. Good luck! 1. Mr. McGregor 2. Little Nutbrown Hare 3. Madame Louise Bodot 4. The Once-ler 5. Snork & Snorkmaiden READ MORE

The Carle Staff Recommends...

While we all get excited about the newest books of the season, when it comes to gift giving, an old-favorite is often a perfect fit. This holiday season, I asked fellow Carle Museum staffers what children's books they felt particularly close to - whether it was a book they remembered from their childhood or a well-loved standby that they read over and over to their own children. The result is a wonderful list that can be a helpful guide for anyone wanting to give a classic book that will truly stand the test of time. READ MORE

Picture Storybooks Against Bullying

In 1992 I held a picture storybook sale outside the lecture hall where Professor Donald Graves was presenting a full-day seminar to five hundred teachers on the subject of creative writing in the classroom. I listened in on the closing question-and-answer session. A brave teacher spoke up. “How do we find time to use these creative writing techniques when all our time is spent teaching to the test?’ READ MORE


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