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Picture Books We Love

Beautiful Bugs! Insect Books & Toys We Love

Greetings! It’s Julie here. And I want to tell you that I am so excited that June has finally arrived, which means warm weather and… bugs! Is there anything better than watching the butterflies flutter among the flowers? Or how about listening to the crickets chirp the night away?  But don’t let the nasty ones bug you. Instead check out my list of favorite items featuring beautiful, funny, and cute bugs!  

1. Inch By Inch by Leo Lionni is a really cute story about a clever little inchworm who finds his way out of peril using wit and smarts. Each time I read it I think about how each of us has innate sensibilities that can help others and ourselves.


2. Step Gently Out by Helen Frost and Rick Lieder pairs simple poetry with exquisite photography and reminds me to be in awe of nature’s majestic beauty. Despite its paired down aesthetic, both its pictures and images say a thousand words.   


3. Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long’s A Butterfly is Patient displays beautiful renderings of all the stages a butterfly’s life! The drawings are incredibly accurate but they also project a subtle majesty and whimsy. I love books like these that are as much a piece of art as they are a learning tool.


4. This Firefly Finger Puppet is so much fun because it lights up like a real firefly! What great fun it would be to have one to play with in a dark tent or bedroom.


5. Angela DiTerlizzi in her newest book Some Bugs brilliantly weaves together action words to show that, as she simply puts it, “bugs are oh-so-fascinating!” Also, Brendan Wenzel’s adorable illustrations add humor as well as educational value.  After reading it, I definitely want to go outside and take a look for myself!   


6. The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle has been a favorite of mine for years. It is a story about finding your voice and finding friends who are true kindred spirits. Eric Carle, like in all of his books, manages to create profound meaning in the simplest of stories.

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