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Picture Books We Love

Botanical Pop-Up Books

Pop-up books are a fascinating combination of illustration, writing and paper engineering. This week the At Home Art Studio is exploring the wonderful world of pop-ups, so The Carle Bookshop team has pulled a few of of their favorite floral example of interactive pop-up books, perfect for Spring!

 Turn this Book into a Bouquet by Molly Hatch

Flora: A Botanical Pop-Up Book (Jumping Jack Press, 2020) is the collaborative work of writer Nicole Yen, illustrator Kathryn Selbert, and paper engineer Yoojin Kim. Together they have made an informative and gorgeous work of art. Each page has an intricately constructed 3-D pop-up feature of nature that springs forth in a burst of color with interactive, informational flaps and pulls that give succinct facts about flowers, pollinators and seasons. 

close up interior detail image of Flora by Yoojin Kim. 3-D pop-up flowers with strong sunlight and shadows. Detail showing red poppy flower and other pink and blue flowers and leaves.

 ?And knows that when the day ends?

Welcome the Day by Emma Giuliani (Chronicle Books, 2015) is not technically a pop-up book, but the visual effect of the colorful unfurling flaps on the black and white silhouettes is just as arresting. The accordion fold format of this book allows the reader to extend every page of the whole book out long to see the celebration of the progression of life as shown in tender glimpses of a day. 

posed shot of two books in front of a window with a plant in the background. The two books are Happy Day and Thinking of You both by Molly Hatch. The books have their interior flower mechanisms up and displayed, showing the feature of the book, which is to appear also as a vase of flowers.

Molly Hatch has created a series of books that have given a new parameter to the term ‘pop-up’. Happy Day (Abrams, 2018) is a ‘bouquet in a book’ where each flower can be popped up! Each page spread has charming botanical knowledge on one side, with the Victorian meanings of each flower, and a die-cut, paperboard flower attached with a rivet on the other side that can be rotated up to peek out the top of the book. Remove the dust jacket and the cover of the book looks just like a vase, and with every flower extended, the recipient of this book can display a colorful bouquet year-round.








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