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The Eric Carle Museum
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Picture Books We Love

Fall 2013 Employee Picks

Today is the first official day of fall! So, here's a treat from us here at The Carle Museum Bookshop: OUR FAVORITE BOOKS! Or, some of them, at least. Have you read them? You should! Check out what our book enthusiasts are saying about these special picks.


 Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown (2013, Little Brown)

Roar! Mr. Tiger is tired of being polite and proper all the time. And then he has an idea... A wild take on the Just-Be-Yourself story.


Ben's Trumpet by Rachel Isadora (1991, Greenwillow Books)

The sounds of jazz come alive in Isadora's black and white illustrations - from the fast vibrations of drums to the zigzag brass notes of the trumpet. Inspiration to all to just play.


  Chalk by Bill Thomson (2010, Marshall Cavendish) Chalk may be wordless, but it is every bit as exciting as our own imaginations. Just try to picture what would happen if all of your drawings came to life... Julie:    Swine Lake by James Marshall & Maurice Sendak (1999, HarperCollins)

This is not your typical pig story. First, there's dancing pigs. Yes! It is a bona fide bovine ballet production. Top it off with a sneaky low-brown Wolf and watch the humor ensue. Join the dancing, intrigue, or even the audience and witness a change of heart.


donut chef

The Donut Chef by Bob Staake (Random House, 2008)

Rivalry spurs on two bakers to discover who is the cleverest maker! This is a fun, rhyming tale filled with round shapes and bright colors. Just remember, sometimes the simplest things are the sweetest!  

Want one of these favorites for your own? Click here to purchase it in our online shop!

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