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The Eric Carle Museum
of Picture Book Art
  • 125 West Bay Road
  • Amherst, MA 01002


  • Tue- Friday10 am - 4 pm
  • Saturday 10am – 5pm
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The Piggie Portrait Gallery: A Mo Willems Contest

Wanna win this cool poster, personalized to you by Mo Willems? Well, read on! Back in 2009, as a great treat to The Carle, Mo Willems created this wonderful poster to commemorate our annual gala in New York. (You can read more about The Carle Honors here.) We sell the posters in the shop and people are always asking, "Which artists inspired Elephant Gerard's portraits?" Well, we know the answer. Do you? In his poster Mo Willems pays homage to twentieth-century artists who have influenced his work, or whose work speaks to him, or are simply easy to spoof. Rather than just rattle off the names of these artists for you, Mo and I thought it would be fun to to test our art-savvy blog readers instead: Can you identify all the artists correctly? We think you can! One lucky reader who identifies the greatest number of artists correctly will win a Carle Honors 2009 poster autographed and personalized by Mo Willems! Here's how to enter:

  • Look closely at all 16 pieces of art in the image below (click to enlarge) and use the numbered guide to tell us the name of the artist who inspired each numbered piece. (See hints below!)
  • Identify all 16 portraits in a comment below before 12 pm EST Friday, January 11th. We will be keeping comments hidden until a winner is announced to keep guesses confidential.
If more than one entrant gets all sixteen answers correct, one winner will be selected at random from among the correct answers. Need a hint? Hint 1: One of the artists is featured more than once. Hint 2: One of the pieces represents a genre, rather than a specific artist. (Okay, we're feeling nice. We'll just give it to you: #12 is "African Mask.") Hint 3. All art is from the 20th century. Good luck!

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