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Picture Books We Love

Review: Window

Book cover image of Window in front of bookcase

I was so inspired by the At Home Art Studio's exploration of surprise book design elements such as die-cut pages and paper flaps, that I wanted to share one of my favorite new books this week that use these flaps really cleverly! 

There's so much to look at and explore in Window by Marion Arbona. As a young girl walks home from school, she passes window after window in her neighborhood, and with clever flaps, readers can open the window and take a peek at the scene in each room. What do you imagine is behind the windows? What clues can you gather from the outside about what might be inside? Open the flap and find out! Was it what you expected? 

Black and white illustrations shows a close up of closed window with flowerpots containing wilting plants on the window sill. A crease in the page shows that the reader can open the flaps to open the window.    Black and white illustration of jungle-like room filled with many plants. A woman waters the plants.

Through intensely detailed black and white line illustrations, readers discover somewhat wild and fantastical scenes waiting for them behind the windows, from undersea explorers to vampires to exercising gnomes.

Black and white illustration of window with two stray leaves blowing in front of it. A crease in the page indicates that the reader can open the flaps to open the window.   Black and white illustration of a room with a giant fan blowing the curtains and creatures such a rabbit, rhino and porcupine across the room.


Surprising, funny, and yes, a little bit strange, this book is perfect for fans of Mark Alan Stamaty's 1973 cult classic Who Needs Donuts?

This book is a great inspiration for your own window activity. Take a walk around your neighborhood and imagine what might be behind each window you see or draw what someone might see behind your own window!

Want to explore more amazing books with tactile features and fun surprises? Check out the list curated by The Carle's booksellers and educators here.




Rebecca Aaronson
Wednesday, April 4, 2020 - 1:55 pm
This book reminds me of one from my childhood, Find the Cat by Elaine Livermore. Intricate pen and ink drawings and always something to find!

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