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Picture Books We Love

Welcome Autumn: Books & Art Activities Celebrating Fall Leaves

I'm always so excited when Fall officially arrives. It's such a crisp and beautiful season with the colorful changing leaves in New England. To celebrate, I've gathered some of my favorite picture books and art supplies from The Carle Bookshop to celebrate autumn and its beautiful falling leaves.

1. Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert $17.99

With Lois Ehlert's stunning and colorful cut-paper collage, the reader follows the journey of a maple tree from seed to adulthood throughout the changing seasons. "But if you want to visit my tree, come in the fall. That's my favorite time. Can you guess why?" A special bonus is the additional facts in the back of the book for further learning about the parts of the tree and how to properly plant and grow a tree. A great book to use in the classroom or at home to spark further discussion and exploration about trees. (P.S. Act fast and we may still have some autographed copies left in stock! Check here for all signed books by Lois Ehlert.)

2. Nature Print Paper $16.95 per pack of 30 sheets

If you haven't had a chance to experiment with sun-sensitive paper, you've got to give this a try! Pick a variety of items (I love the idea of using an assortment of different shaped leaves) and arrange them on the blue paper. Lay them out in the sun for a period of time (usually only a few minutes) and when you remove the objects and quickly soak the paper in water (like developing photo negatives), you're left with beautiful white impressions of the objects. So much fun for kids and adults too!

3. Leaf Jumpers by Carole Gerber, illustrated by Leslie Evans $7.95

I'm just crazy about Leslie Evan's illustrations. (You may remember this book from Children Should be Seen Exhibition here at The Carle in 2007). The illustrations are a mix of beautifully hand-colored linoleum block prints, collage and digital art. Gerber's text and Evans' illustrations provide a colorful identification guide to deciduous leaves that will help children (and adults!) recognize and identify each individual species. A great book to revisit each year and perfect for tree units in science class.

4. Fall Tree Umbrella Walk Card by Masha D'yans $4.50

If you're looking to spread some Autumn cheer, give this beautiful card to a special friend. We have a wide selection of greeting cards to choose from in our store, but I'm especially loving this one by Masha D'yans right now. I might even keep this one for myself and frame it for my wall instead!

5. The Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger $16.99

A beautifully designed picture book, The Little Yellow Leaf is a visual delight. I'm a big fan of Carin Berger's collage style and this book does not disappoint. It tells the story of a little leaf not yet ready to leave its tree, but finding the courage with the help of a friend. The autumn color palette, Berger's use of vintage found papers like graph paper, newsprint and old library cards in colorful collage, and the book's tall tree-like format and design all make this a wonderful book to share year after year.

6. Leaf Rubbing Plates $1.00 each

I'm all about bringing the outside in! These plastic rubbing plates feature raised texture outlines of a variety of leaves - from gingko to oak to maple to willow leaves. Simply lay a piece of paper over the plate and rub with a crayon to reveal a colorful, textured impression of the leaf. A great activity to do with young children and open lots of creative possibilities for uses of your leaf rubbing prints.

7. Leaf Stencil $1.95

Available in a variety of different tree leaf species, these jumbo leaf stencils are perfect for tracing or using with ink to create coloful outlines. Use them with window crayons or markers and you can even give some Autumn flair to your classroom or home.

8. Leaves by David Ezra Stein $15.99

A young bear has never seen the seasons change and witnessed the leaves falling off the trees before. He gets concerned, trying to catch them and put them back on the tree, but eventually gets sleepy and finds the leaves make a cozy bed. After hibernating through his first winter, the bear wakes to spring and the return of the leaves to the trees. A sweet story with lovely pen-and-ink illustrations perfectly capture the season. A great book to use at storytime with young children.

Those are a few of my favorite books and art supplies featuring autumn leaves this season. For more Fall picture book recommendations, check out our list here or follow us on Pinterest. What about you? What autumn books are you loving? Are there any great autumn art activities you've been doing with your kids? Let us know in a comment below. Happy Autumn!



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