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The Eric Carle Museum
of Picture Book Art
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Spring 2021 Annual Appeal

Dear Friend,

In a year that has sent us all reeling, we have returned again and again to our deepest connections— our family bonds, spiritual foundations, and our most basic needs of health, security, hope, and humanity.

The Carle fosters these connections through picture books. Picture books that bring us together, offer comfort, and provide companionship to children. Picture books that remind us to be our best selves or inspire us to learn about the wider world.

Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to bring people together throughout the pandemic even when we couldn’t be together. In the last year, more than 100,000 schoolchildren, teachers, librarians, and families around the globe toured our two virtual exhibitions, watched our online storytimes, and participated in more than 150 online educational programs. A recent participant wrote:  

“Thank you for reminding us that we are citizens of the world. Thank you for reminding us that the arts are the balm of our world.”  

Throughout our public openings and closures this year, we continued to travel exhibitions to partner museums, reaching hundreds of thousands of people in the US and abroad. Our Art Studio continued to facilitate open-ended art projects inspired by exhibitions, providing over 3,000 art project bags for our in-person guests as well as via curbside pick-up for folks to participate at home.

We know this work is important to you, too. Your encouragement and unwavering financial support enable us to meet the challenges of the times. We hear regularly from visitors, both online and in person, who are deeply moved by their experiences.  

During an online presentation with Hans Christian Anderson Award winners Peter SĂ­s (Czech Republic) and Roger Mello (Brazil), an attendee from Greece wrote:

“This program is such evidence of the universal power of picture books! And the complexity and necessity of their themes and art. So unifying!”

After our online Educators’ Night with artist Gordon C. James from his North Carolina studio, a librarian wrote:

“Thanks to everyone at The Carle for centering antiracism in everything you present. You are an inspiration because in every way that you do that, it reflects the mission of The Carle. It never feels like a tangent, or an agenda, it just feels like what can be accomplished when people are deeply thoughtful about how they execute their ideals.”

On site, two parents wrote to us after touring the groundbreaking exhibition, Picture the Dream: The Story of the Civil Rights Movement through Children’s Books, guest curated by Andrea Davis Pinkney:

“We enjoyed each exhibit, but I want to highlight the Civil Rights Movement exhibit because it was so well done. Great prompts for parents to use when discussing color, race, and other important topics.

“The inclusion of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel marching with Dr. King in your exhibit was a powerful moment. Showing my daughter that image gave us a chance to talk about the critical importance of standing by every human. Going into Passover this year, it gave us a moment to think about true freedom, dignity, and respect.”

These words affirm our mission and the value of your support.  

With spring comes hope. The bluebirds have returned to Bobbie’s Meadow. The sounds of children once again ring out in the Museum. We know you share our belief that children should see themselves in picture books and imagine a world worthy of their hopes and dreams. Please consider donating to The Carle’s annual appeal online, or by calling Rebecca Miller Goggins at 413-559-6308. Together we can ensure that picture books continue to help us all forge connections, have thoughtful conversations, and find common ground.

In gratitude,
Alexandra Kennedy
Executive Director


Shelley Rotner, Illustration for Action Alphabet (Atheneum Books for Young Readers). Gift of Motoko Inoue and Peter Dellert. © 1996, 2013 Shelley Rotner.

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