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Making Paper Fly

Caryn Moon just wrapped up her summer internship here in The Carle’s Art Studio. A few weeks ago she documented her final project, design a special activity for our guests. Here is her report of the day.

For my special project I was most interested in experimenting with the three-dimensionality of paper. I wanted to create an opportunity for our guests and myself to to tinker with all of it’s possibilities. And so, with lots of guidance from Meghan and support from my fellow Studio intern, Mitchell, I managed to organize my final ideas into a project. I chose to name it Make Your Flying Thing to encourage creativity from the ambiguous title and an opportunity to design and engineer their own creation.

“How can you make three dimensional forms out of this flat pieces of paper?” “What can you make from combining these forms?” “Does it fly, glide, flap, or dive?” These questions were essential in the process of making, and our creative guests came up with their own unique answers!

To recreate this project at home all you need is paper, tape/glue, scissors, a hole punch and some yarn. 

We had guests that made something completely different with the materials, and that’s okay.  We love and encourage thinking outside the box!

Want more flying activity ideas? Check out this blog post about making art that flies with author/illustrator Melissa Sweet!