Mission & Inclusion


The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art is the international champion for picture book art. We collect, preserve, and exhibit original art; encourage guests of all ages to read and create art; and foster an ever-growing audience passionate about picture book art. 


We envision a world where people everywhere experience joy, hope, and understanding through picture book art. 


  • The Carle has a responsibility to offer audiences of all ages and experiences innovative ways to enjoy the picture book.  
  • Picture books have cultural importance, with historical, artistic, literary, educational, and social value.  
  • Children raised with picture books develop essential learning skills, like creativity and critical thinking. 
  • Picture books encourage a compassionate society. They help us see ourselves more clearly and open us up to people who are different than we are.
  • Picture book art must be preserved for future generations.
  • Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion are at the heart of all our work.

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion

The Carle is committed to creating a welcoming and accessible environment for our visitors and staff:

  • Our board and staff invest time, effort, and committed funding to create an equitable workplace.
  • As an educational institution, we present programs, partners, and resources that represent diverse people, diverse modes of learning, and accessible spaces.
  • As an art museum, we exhibit and preserve the work of artists and authors who have been historically excluded by publishers and museums, including women and people of color.
  • We will listen, learn, and continue to grow to improve our institution. We understand that this work is never finished but is part of an ever-evolving process that we must continue to prioritize.

If you have questions or feedback for The Carle, please email us at info@carlemuseum.org.

Access to The Carle

Resources and information for visitors
The Carle Community Fund provides admissions and program support for visitors
Through virtual exhibitions and programming, we spread the joy of pictures wherever you are

Exhibitions & Programs

Illustration of child holding book with stars against red and white striped background.
Twenty-six artists present affirming stories of Asian American life
Colorful books sit on a wood ledge against a white wall. The black text on the wall reads "Celebrating Black Lives."
Learn about anti-racism picture books for young readers
Three loop scissors with handles that are attached together in one continuous loop of plastic.
Discover accessible materials used in the Art Studio
Illustration of girl sitting in tree with pink blossoms and speech bubble that reads "Words of every shape, sound, and size.
Discover translated picture books that give us stories from all over the world
A close-up look on various patterns of batik papers created by guests in the Art Studio.
Explore Indonesia through batik-stamping
Illustration of child swimming in river at sunset.
Picture books for and about people with disabilities