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Show Me a Story with Emily Neuburger

Diana MacKenzie

On Sunday, September 23rd, the Studio had a special guest for this month’s Special Sunday activity!  Local artist, author and teacher Emily Neuburger stopped by for the afternoon to share a fabulous activity from her new book, Show Me A Story.  Emily helped many enthusiastic guests make their own set of cards  illustrating a favorite memory or imaginary story.

In the photo above you can see several beautiful cards Emily brought along to inspire guests with this project. We used vibrant origami, construction and magazine papers.  Guests drew and cut out shapes, then glued them to the 3” x 4” chipboard rectangles.  In her book, Emily encourages you to reuse what you already have, to try this activity at home cut the cards from old cereal or cracker boxes.

The Studio buzzed with activity all afternoon!

Young guests illustrated really great stories, real and imaginary.

Some people worked independently…


…and others worked together.


Here’s Emily’s daughter making a memory card with her grandmother :)

After all of the collage pieces were glued down, Emily showed guests how to brush a layer of  acrylic medium over the top of the card to seal and protect the image.  Emily recommends using Mod Podge, available at craft stores.

The final step was to leave the memory cards to dry for a little while.

Below is a small sample of some of the finished cards created by guests of all ages!

Thank you for visiting, Emily!


Diana, smiling wearing an orange scarf and brown shirt.

Diana MacKenzie

Public Art Program Educator from 2007-2016, Diana has a BFA in Printmaking from Syracuse University and creates mixed-media works inspired by her travels, combining her interests in printmaking and sculpture. She received her M.A.T. from Mount Holyoke College in June 2017, and continues teaching visual arts to children and adults.