Simmons University Degree Program

The Center for the Study of Children’s Literature at Simmons University offers four different graduate degree programs at The Carle.
Simmons student laughing in lecture.
Photo courtesy of Simmons University. 

Degree Programs

MFA in Writing for Children (32 credits) 

This program consists of four academic courses and four writing courses, including a two-course sequence in which a student develops a manuscript from conception to submission. 

MA in Children’s Literature (36 credits) 

This program consists of four electives and the following five required courses: Criticism of Literature for Children, The Picture Book, Contemporary Realistic Fiction, Fantasy and Science Fiction, and a historical literature course. 

MFA/MA in Children’s Literature 

Students who wish to pursue both degrees may combine both masters programs in a 56-credit course of study that includes core requirements for both programs.

MA in Children’s Literature/MS in Library Science 

This dual degree is offered in collaboration with the Simmons Graduate School of Library Science program at Mount Holyoke College.


Classes are offered nights and weekends at The Carle. Non-degree students may apply for specific courses.

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