Featured Artists

The Carle is fortunate to have rich art holdings by several important picture book illustrators. These collections were generously donated by the artists or their families.

Illustration of silhouettes of people and flowers.
A lifelong pursuit of Black representation in children’s books.
Illustration of two ladybugs talking.
A beloved illustrator of our time.
Illustration of women demonstrating with signs.

A multimedia master and enlivening biographer. 

Illustration of frogs making sounds in water.

Intricate woodcuts and multilingual stories.

Illustration of psychedelic-looking animals next to wall.
Artist, storyteller, and mentor.
Illustration of animals in surreal landscape.
Creator of fables and friendship tales.
Illustration of child in boat with shark jumping out of water.

Amiable chickens and Mother Goose.

Illustration of black bird and crows eating pie.
From animation to early readers.
Illustration of knights and ladies riding towards castle.
A Golden Age talent.
Illustration of Shrek walking through country side and animals and people running the other way.

Sylvester, Shrek, and Doctor De Soto.

Illustration of children dancing.
A midcentury modernist.
Illustration of houses along busy street.
Humor and heritage come together.
Illlustration of boy with seagull.

A friend among us.

Illustration of houses at night.
An illustrator of 200 books.